Honda Big Red

The Honda Big Red is an all-terrain vehicle built by Japanese manufacturer Honda. It was first introduced in 1985 and has been a mainstay in the ATV community ever since. As its name suggests, the Honda Big Red is a very large and powerful UTV, capable of plowing through terrain with ease. Equipped with a powerful 675cc liquid-cooled engine, the big Red is capable of speeds of over 40 mph in the right terrain. It also features reversed drive system paired with independent suspension, allowing for a smooth ride over any terrain. offers free shipping on all Big Red orders over $100. The Honda big Red features single-cylinder construction, four-wheel drive and a five-speed transmission, making it suitable for a wide range of conditions. We stock a wide variety of Big Red wheels that are available in different colors and finishes. All in all, The Honda Big Red is a powerful and versatile ATV that can easily power through any terrain with ease.