Kawasaki KRX 4 1000

The Kawasaki KXR 4 1000 is a powerful UTV with an engine capable of producing over 80 hp and hauling up to 5 people. It has plenty of torque to perform in a variety of terrain, making it well suited for serious back country adventures. It has adjustable suspension and an integrated frame to ensure optimal handling. SxS UTV Parts stocks a wide variety of parts that bolt on directly to the Kawasaki KRX 4 1000 vehicle. Spend over $100 on KRX 4 1000 parts and your order qualifies for Free Shipping. The KRX onboard computer monitor with GPS allows the rider to plan routes and analyze the terrain before setting out. Combined with a robust design and reliable manufacturing, the KXR 4 1000 is the ideal vehicle for families of 4 looking for recreational fund.