Polaris RZR Pro R

The Polaris RZR PRO R is a high-performance side-by-side vehicle designed for off-road adventures. The RZR Pro R is the first 5 lug model UTV to hit the market and features a 5×4.5 or 5×114.3 bolt pattern. This model is designed with a powerful and reliable engine that delivers smooth and responsive acceleration. The RZR PRO R model comes equipped with a 4-stroke twin cylinder engine with a displacement of 925cc. SxSUTVParts.com carries a diverse line of wheels, tires and accessories for any PRO R model. The SxS has a top speed of around 80 mph and can tow up to 1,500 lbs. The Polaris PRO R also features a durable and sturdy chassis that can handle rough terrain and challenging conditions. In addition, the PRO R model comes with a set of large and aggressive off-road tires that provide excellent traction and stability on a variety of surfaces. Overall, the Polaris RZR PRO R is a versatile and capable side-by-side vehicle that is perfect for those who enjoy off-road adventures and challenging terrain.